Saturday, 15 July 2017

Nutrilite Appetite Controller

Hey guys!

So recently I've been on a major health buzz. I have wanted to cut out processed sugar from my diet as well as exercise more and lose some weight. Although the main focus wasn't to lose weight, it was to overall become healthier, I've definitely noticed a recent weight loss which is fabulous. 

I would put my weight loss down to Nutrilite's Appetite Controller which I have been using for the last three weeks. Nutrilite is a natural appetite controller that comes in single-serve sachets that you pour into water or juice before each meal, three times a day.

Although I didn't like the texture of the sachet mixed with water, I usually washed it down with another glass of water which was fine. Once consumed, the  fibres work towards forming a gel in the stomach, helping you to feel fuller.

Over the course of my trial, I noticed myself eating smaller portion sizes, without feeling any less full after my meals and when I wanted a snack, I wasn't reaching for something sugary like I usually do!

Overall, I really noticed a difference in my eating patterns and having the sachets at each meal became a second nature to me. Nutrilite's Appetite Controller helped me to kick start my health buzz and after the duration of the trial, I had started to lose a few pounds already.

Although my trial is over, I will continue to eat smaller portion sizes and stay away from sugary snacks! 

Thanks so much to RDC PR for kindly sending me Nutrilite's Appetite Controller to review!

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Brand Spotlight: NYX Cosmetics

Hey guys!

I cannot believe it's been three weeks since I've had the time to sit down and properly write a blog post! My life right now is literally, work, sleep, eat and repeat. I had my first sleep-in in about ten days and it was heavenly!

During my absence however, I was trying out loads of new products as well as finding myself reaching for old favourites as well. Surprisingly, a lot of these products were NYX Cosmetics!

NYX is such a fabulous, budget-friendly brand and one that has been in my makeup bag for years.

The first NYX product I ever bought was there soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen,
 a perfect deep plum shade that I love. To get the berry shade I like and a full coverage look, it does require a few layers which takes time to dry. Other than that, I do love the formula, even if it fades after a few hours, as most liquid lips do.

I got sent a couple new shades from the collection a few weeks ago and they're so nice. One of the shades I got was Tokyo, a light pink that is perfect for spring and summer! One coat will give you sheer coverage while two with give you a gorgeous full coverage lip!

Cannes, another soft matte lip cream is more on the nude side, the perfect mauve nude for all year round, in my opinion! Just like Tokyo, you'll need two coats to gain a full coverage look with this shade!

Their Strobe of Genius highlight kit has been a firm favourite of mine for months and I love using the kit on my eyes as well as my highlight. The palette has seven different shades, so there's a shade to suit everyone, the purple one is my favourite!

NYX's  glitter glue is fabulous as well, I use it all the time as it keeps loose glitter on my lids the whole night and it is perfect for festival glitter as it's safe to use on the cheeks as well! You'll need a strong makeup remove to take the glitter off at the end of the night though because it's made to keep the glitter in place and that's exactly what it does!

I go between primers and from time to time I use their pore filler as my primer, which I love! I have some large pores on my face and this filler reduces their appearance. The only complaint about NYX's Pore Filler has nothing to do with the formula as it makes my skin feel so smooth when I have it on, however, the one I have was half empty when I first opened it, even though the seal was still on! I had to squeeze the life out of it just to get some product out!

Another product I recently got my hands on was the
 Pro Foundation Mixer in Luminous, a pink undertoned foundation mixer that lightens any foundation you mix it with. Although the scent isn't the most pleasant, it does wonders in lightening my foundation to a shade that perfectly matches my skin! 

NYX products are available nationwide in Arnotts, Boots and selected pharmacies.

Have you ever tried NYX products?
What are your favourite ones?
Let me know in the comments below!

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Hit Refresh With Artistry

Hey guys! 

So earlier in the month I went to the Artistry summer event in the Morrison and if you follow me on social media, you'll have seen how fab the event was!

We got the opportunity to get up close and personal with the products and the fabulous team that were flown in from all over the world demonstrated a quick and easy summer look!

The new Hydra-V range really intrigued me as a have spots of very dry skin and the range is very hydrating and great if the summer months dry out your skin! I cannot wait to get my hands on the replenishing moisture cream.

As well as getting to see some of the fab products they have to offer, we also got a lovely gift bag at the end which was so lovely and I was so excited to try out some new products!

Artistry Deep Cleansing Mask

When I saw this mask I was so excited! If you follow me on social media, you'll know I always use face masks and love trying out new ones!

Artistry's mask contains kaolin and amazonian white clay that aims to deeply cleanse, draw out dirt and oils and help reduce the appearance of pores. I have been using this mask twice a week for three weeks and I love it! 

Clay masks are a firm favourite of mine and this one leaves my skin feeling smoother and I have been less prone to breakouts as well which is fabulous! The guidelines suggest leaving it on for five minutes but I leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. The mask is launching later this summer and keep an eye out for it because once this one is gone, I'll definitely be needing another one!

Amway USB

We were also given this handy USB that I have started to store my blog pictures on so I never lose them!

Artistry Signature Colour Light-Up Lip Gloss

I have featured these lip glosses on my social media before because RDC PR kindly sent some to me a few months ago and I loved them.

While I don't usually wear gloss, when I do want some extra shine for my lips, I am always reaching for these! The formula is longlasting, even though it's stick and the light inside the lid is super handy on nights out!

These lip glosses retail for €25 but with the light inside and the quality of the packaging, as well as the pigmentation of the gloss, I can definitely see why! 

I was given the shade Juicy Peach, which I already own, and used for these pictures so the second one is unopened! Keep an eye out for it in a giveaway soon!

Thank you so much to Amway and RDC PR for a fabulous event and lovely gift bag!

Have you guys used Artistry before?
What products did you try?
What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below!

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Saturday, 17 June 2017

What's In My Handbag

Hey guys!

The past week has been so hectic for me. I've been working loads and I finally booked my driver theory test!

I have been asked a few times to do a post like this as 'What's in my Makeup Bag' was such a hit when I did it last year! I do change my bag quite often but at the moment I'm using my Michael Kors Rhea bag in a metallic gold colour.

The bag itself has since been discontinued in this colour but that style is still available in loads of colours on the Michael Kors website. My bag is medium, which retails for $298 and I do not think the larger size is necessary as this fits everything I need into it and more!

Victoria's Secret Passion Struck Flirt

I always keep some sort of perfume in my handbag and for the past few weeks have been using this Victoria Secret mist while I'm out. I bought this about a year ago so it's almost gone but I love the musty scent this mist has!

Victoria Secret mists are fabulous and with the store coming to Dublin in the coming months, I will definitely be stocking up on more!

The mists are available from the VS website until then and prices start at €22.14.

TY Beanie Boo Baby Seal

I love this little seal and love having it in my bag because it makes me smile every time I open my bag. It's small enough that it doesn't take up too much room but it's really cute to look at (not just because my boyfriend bought it for me 😂).

Beanie Boos are available to buy from most Easons stores nationwide!

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara

I love this mascara because it doesn't clump when applied and it hardly flakes throughout the day! I always keep it in my bag in case I need a touch-up during the day.

Over the last few days though, I have misplaced my mascara and need a new staple in my bag! I love the brush so much because it is full and thick and have yet to find another mascara that I love as much!

Bad Gal is available from Benefit Boutiques and concession stands nationwide for €23.

Blistex Happy Lips Mango

I always have a lip balm in my bag or in my pocket when I'm in work because you never know when you may need one! At the moment, I am using a blistex's happy lips in mango. The lip balm lasts for hours without turning sticky and the mango scent lingers on your lips which I love!
The lip balm is available from most Boots stores and also comes in a lovely strawberry flavour, both retailing for €3.79.

Essence All About Matt Powder

I bought this powder originally last summer and have since repurchased it because I love it so much! As it's translucent, the powder does not add any colour to your face and 
 fixes any shiny spots that managed to creep through your makeup!

Essence is such a budget friendly brand and this powder is one of the best I have used! It definitely helps to keep your makeup matte and in place throughout the day.

The All About Matt powder is available from Sam McCauley's for €3.80.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Perfume

I am such a fiend for having more than one of something in my purse but I cannot go anywhere without Wonderstruck!  If you have followed me for a while, then you'll know that this is my signature scent and will always be my favourite perfume!

This handy little 30ml bottle is perfect for my bag and I can easily spritz some on my wrists and hair (I love getting a whiff of the perfume when I move my hair throughout the day) if I need to!

Wonderstruck has been so difficult to come by over the past year and I received some as a present from America at Christmas!

Technic Setting Spray

The lovely team over at Technic sent me this setting spray a few months ago and I'm sad to say it's almost gone. Having it in my bag is so handy because if I feel my makeup is becoming shiny at any point during the day, I'll shake the bottle up and spritz some on my face!

The bottle is so small and easy to stow in my bag which I love! You can check out all of the products Technic have to offer over on their website!


Another absolute must have in my handbag has to be earphones! Whether I'm walking to work or on the bus, I am lost without my earphones!

I am constantly listening to music and am instantly in a bad mood if I realise I have an hour journey and no earphones to keep me occupied on the bus!

Michael Kors Wallet

Last but not least is my wallet! I received this gorgeous Michael Kors wallet for Christmas and love it so much! It's maroon, one of my favourite colours and also matches the Selma bag I got for my 18th!

As it was a gift, I do not know how much it was or the style name, but Michael Kors have an extensive range of wallets on their website!

That's everything I currently have in my handbag!
Do you have any of the same things in yours?
What is your handbag must-have?
Let me know in the comments below!

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Makeup Launches I'm Excited For!

Hey guys!

There are so many fabulous makeup launches soon that I cannot wait for! While I jump at the chance of buying any new makeup, I have compiled my top five upcoming makeup launches for you guys!

Too Faced Glitter Bomb Palette

The Too Faced Glitter Bomb Palette launches online on June 15th, and I expect it to be in Irish stores not long after! For anyone who loves a glittery eye, this palette is perfect for you!

With eight different glittery shades and two base colours to emphasise that shine, what's not to love? The palette is also ideal for anyone who loves a foiled eye look as wetting your brush before dipping into the pan will give you the desired look, and it's perfect for glitter liner too!

Glitter Bomb will be available from Too Faced's website for €42.

The Jaclyn Hill Palette

The long-awaited Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette launches on their site on June 21st and I cannot wait! With 35 shades, half of which are supposedly matte, this palette is like a dream come true!

The palette is packed full of warm toned neutrals and  a pop of colour with blue and teal shades as well! This palette has been in the works for a while and I cannot wait to see some swatches of it!

The Jaclyn Hill Palette will be available from the Morphe website for $38.

KKW Beauty

Okay so all we know about KKW Beauty so far is that it is launching on June 21st. I cannot wait to see what kind of makeup Kim is going to bring out, will it be similar to Kylie's? Will she launch a contour kit?

There is so much speculation about this and with so little information, all we can do is wait for some teasers and then for the official launch!

Check out on June 21st to see what the line has to offer!

Huda Beauty Lip Strobes
You guys I can't even deal with this launch! I love Huda's complete line and these lip strobes are gorgeous! Ranging from sheer to full coverage, the range can be used on your lids (As Huda demonstrated herself) to your lips and everything in between!

While I gravitate towards matte lips myself, I do love a good gloss from time to time to change up my lip colour and cannot wait until these launch on June 22nd! 

The lip strobes will be available from the Huda Beauty website.

Urban Decay Naked Heat

The buzz around this palette has been insane! Naked Heat is bang on trend with burnt orange and amber hues throughout along with trusty coppers, this palette is just what the Naked collection needed! 

The palette launches in the US on June 30th and UD do not tend to stagger release dates between countries, however Ireland has no official release date yet! With their first store opening on Grafton Street on June 22nd at 10am, it is hard to believe the palette won't launch here soon after!

With the rest of the Naked palettes retailing for €47, it is same to assume this palette won't differ too much in price!

What launches are you looking forward to?
Are we looking forward to any of the same?
Let me know in the comments below!

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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Current Skincare Wishlist

Hey guys!

I cannot believe we're almost halfway through June already, the time has flown! I got my exam results last week and I am so happy, all my stress over results is finally gone and I can finally try and clear my skin up for the summer once and for all!

I have a long list of what I would love to buy I hopefully will get my hands on soon as skincare is something that so many people overlook but one of the most important things we have to look after!

Voya Lazy Days Seaweed Bath

I recently went to the Kilkenny Shop in Greystones where they had Voya on showcase and the lovely Sarah showed me their seaweed bath set. I fell in love with the set as it is supposed to re-hydrate skin while soothing it as well.

My bath is currently out of action but as soon as it is back in action, I will be buying this set and I cannot wait! It is a three day process where you bathe in the seaweed the first night and for the final two, you bathe with the dead sea salt.

It sounds fab and I cannot wait to try it out!

The Voya Lazy Days Seaweed Bath is available from the Kilkenny Shop for €20!

Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Body Lotion

I tried this hand lotion a few weeks ago and the scent is divine! The rhubarb scent is zesty while the undertone of rose is sweet, making this body lotion right up my street. I love using body lotions because it helps keep your skin moisturised throughout the day and when the scent lasts, it is definitely an added bonus.

I regularly use Molton Brown hand creams and their quality is unrivaled by anything else I have tried!

The Rhubarb & Rose Body Lotion is available from Molton Brown's website for  €31.

Benefit Dream Screen SPF
Benfit's Dream Screen is an oil-free SPF which is fab with people who have an oily t-zone, like me. It has a lightweight formula with an SPF 45 which is exactly what you need for your face because you don't want it getting burned or worse!

What I love about Dream Screen is that you can totally wear makeup over it and it won't slip and slide all over your face which is an added bonus.

Dream Screen is available from Benefit Boutiques and concession stands nationwide for €36.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Face Mask is aimed towards blemished skin without drying it out! It helps to soothe the skin while absorbing excess oil. Using the mask once a week will definitely help with problem skin!

The Body Shop is also a fabulous brand as they are completely cruelty free so no animals are harmed in the producing of this product.

The Tea Tree Face Mask is available from The Body Shop nationwide for €16.50.

Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

I have tried a few Lush face masks at this point but never a fresh mask and I have heard so many fabulous things about Brazened Honey! Some reviews claim that using the mask once a week will help reduce your pores until they are basically gone which is fab!

It is supposed to be great for the t-zone and any breakouts that you may have, while leaving your skin feeling smooth and revitalised. 

Brazened Honey is available from Lush stores natuonwide for roughly €8.95.

These guys have to be my top five skincare wants at the moment! 
What is on your skincare wishlist?
Let me know in the comments below!

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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Colourpop Mini Haul


Hey guys!

So Colourpop had free international shipping during their birthday weekend and I mean how could I resist?

On top of the free international shipping (You had to spend over $35 but I didn't have an issue filling my basket) when you spent over $10 you got their limited edition Birthday Cake eyeshadow for free!

Mile High Eyeshadow Set

(Top to bottom: Truth, So Quiche, Nillionare, LaLa, Cricket, Mittens and Birthday Cake)

I had my eyes on Mile High for a while because I already own a few of their super shock shadows and this set has some of their bestsellers! I love the kit because the shadows range from beige and copper to maroon  and olive. 

The shadows are long lasting and the pigment is insane! It took me three tries to get the swatches off properly!

Mile High is available from Colourpop's website and retails for roughly €17.80 which is fab for six eyeshadows!

Birthday Cake is no longer available as it was a limited edition product but it is a warm copper shadow with a gorgeous glitter finish and it is right up my alley when it comes to shadows!

Out and About Lip Bundle

(Top to bottom: Viper, Baracuda, Times Square)

Colourpop's liquid lips are some of my favourite out there and I had been lusting over Viper for ages! When I saw this bundle I couldn't say no because I already have a mini Times Square and it's almost gone because I'm always reaching for a rosy beige lip and it being matte is a bonus!

I do like Viper although it is described as a dusty rose on the site, I expected it to be lighter than it is and would even say it's borderline maroon or a very deep brownish pink colour. I will wear it but I was hoping it would be more of a daily lipstick!

I love Colourpop but have never tried one of their lipsticks with a satin finish before so I'm excited to see how longlasting it is! I'm not expecting it to be kiss-proof but I love the shade! Baracuda is a deep rose shade which I love for darker summer looks and I cannot wait to try it out!

Out and About is available from Colourpop's website for roughly €13.35.

Have you ever ordered from Colourpop?
What did you order?
Let me know in the comments below!

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